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Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Privai Spa + Fitness

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At Privai Spa + Fitness, our unwavering commitment is to help you realize your fitness aspirations with all-new state of the art equipment, cutting-edge technology, diverse group exercise classes and wellness experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or taking your first step, our top-tier facilities and expert trainers are here to guide you toward new levels of wellness. 

Book an individual class now or join us as a member and discover just what you need to bring balance to your day at Privai Spa + Fitness in Miami. 

Facility Features

Privai Spa + Fitness is home to 4,000 square feet of fitness space, including a Mind Body Studio for classes, Multipurpose Group Exercise room with stunning views of Miami, Coed Sauna, and dedicated cardio and strength areas with equipment from Technogym and Peloton.

Cardio Equipment

We’re proud to offer a variety of Technogym cardio equipment, including Ellipticals, Stair Climbers, and Treadmills, and Peloton bikes.

Strength Equipment

Our facility carries state-of-the-art equipment strength equipment from Technogym, including Chest, Shoulder, Leg Press, and Leg Curl/Extension machines.

Somadome Meditation Pod

Experience a futuristic wellness pod designed to provide a serene and immersive sanctuary for relaxation, mental clarity, energy boost, and well-being. The pod harnesses the power of scientifically proven light therapy to affect mood and energy levels. With a variety of guided meditations and ambient lighting, the pod offers a harmonious space for self-reflection, rejuvenation, and restoration.
20-minutes, $100

Group Exercise

Aqua Aerobics
Dive into fitness with our Aqua Aerobics class, where you’ll enjoy a refreshing and low-impact workout in the water, perfect for all fitness levels.

Training + Instruction

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At Privai Spa + Fitness, we understand that every individual’s path to wellness is different. That’s why we offer three training options: Private Training, Couples Training, and Small-Group Training. With each of these avenues, you’ll experience a personalized, engaging, and results-driven fitness journey.

Female instructor leading a small group meditation session


Step into a world of inner peace, rejuvenation, and holistic well-being. Our holistic yoga and meditation instruction is offered in private, couples, and small-group sessions, combining the serenity of yoga, the art of conscious breathing, the tranquility of meditation, and the relaxing power of stretching.

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